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"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,you touch everything."~ Lao Tzu

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My Story

An avid nature and animal lover, I first discovered Reiki close to 20 years ago, literally by accident, while on a hike in the Himalayas. As they say, there’s been no looking back.


I have been a Reiki Practitioner since 2006 and have loved introducing my family, friends, pets, colleagues and extended community to this wonderful holistic healing practice. When I initially started practising Reiki, I leaned on it a lot for getting better sleep and finding some peace through the stresses of life. I also became a very popular person to have around; helping friends to heal from everything from a backache to menstrual cramps to boyfriend troubles. I was always looking for guinea pigs, even offering it to my boss and some co-workers to practice on.


With a background in International Business Development and Marketing, I have lived and worked in some interesting corners of the world. In the course of time, as I learnt the different levels of Reiki, I went from living a very crazy corporate life to a rather Zen corporate life; working through and healing areas in my own life that I sometimes didn’t even realise were dysfunctional. It gave me a much needed ‘soul lift’ as I love to call it. I steadily attracted activities, people and groups that supported my true nature, and made me feel very connected and grounded, eventually leading to leaving the corporate world behind.

I have been blessed to learn the different levels of Reiki from different Masters, mirroring my own personal and spiritual growth and journey. Completing my very rigorous Master /Teacher Training with Elaine Grundy, at the Reiki Centre, Singapore has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I have loved every minute of this journey, earning the sobriquet of the “Quintessential Travelling Reiki Teacher”.  We follow very high standards of material and practices, backed by research and credibility.


As I evolve, I would love to introduce Reiki to more healthcare organisations as a complementary therapy. I have been an active volunteer with the Red Cross Home for the Disabled, Singapore, as well as many animal shelters; sharing Reiki with their residents, enriching my understanding of energy work and healing. I also find it extremely gratifying when people share what a simple and easy to use practice Reiki is, and start reporting benefits within weeks of starting their self treatments.


My work largely revolves around helping empower others to create more peaceful and wholesome lives for themselves – taking their health and wellness, literally in their own hands.

Meghna Kamath

Reiki Master Teacher


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me to add your own content and make changes to the font.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me to add your own content and make changes to the font.


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me to add your own content and make changes to the font.


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me to add your own content and make changes to the font.

Reiki Workshops
Usui Reiki Beginners (Level 1)

The Reiki Level 1 Beginners Workshop is a fantastic foundation course for those interested in self healing and personal development. This 12 - 15 hour workshop is very experiential with exercises, practices, meditations, healing and sharing techniques that would make you comfortable practising Reiki self healing treatments, as well as offering it to your family and friends.


It is ideal for anyone wanting to increase their vitality, enhance calm and reduce stress. Reiki requires no specific beliefs, religious leanings or spiritual background.  Our approach is grounded and thorough and after the workshop, Reiki is accessible to you for life.  The Workshop itself is a great healing and relaxing experience; a wonderful way to improve your wellbeing.

• Usui Reiki origin & history | Introduction to energy & holistic healing
• 4 Reiki attunements that will enable the Reiki to flow for life
• Introduction to chakras & Reiki balancing treatment
• Full body Reiki healing treatment | First Aid Reiki treatment
• Giving your family, friends, pets, plants a Reiki treatment
• Intuitive healing treatment
• Reiki meditation | Grounding exercises
• Ongoing support post workshop & Reiki shares
• Learning a lifelong easy-to-use healing tool (Priceless!)

Fee: INR 12,900/-*

includes detailed Level 1 Manual, Certificate & MP3 music for treatments. It also includes ONE 45 minute personal support/coaching session, post workshop.

Usui Reiki Beginners (Level 1)
Usui Reiki Advanced (Level 2)

Reiki Level 2 is a fantastic advanced course to enhance your Reiki practice. Taken at least 3 months after Level 1, the Level 2 Workshop is a natural progression for all Reiki 1 students and practitioners.

In this workshop, a second degree attunement is given and 3 symbols are taught, to enhance the Reiki flow and to develop additional, very practical uses of the Reiki energy. It takes place over a 12 – 15 hour weekend workshop.

  • The Empowerment symbol – increases Reiki flow as though ‘funnelling’ the energy to maximise flow rate and power.  It also empowers other energy fields.

  • The Harmony symbol – allows Reiki to be ‘wrapped’ around other energy fields and environments to increase harmony, eg. harmonising homes, situations that feel stuck, relationships with other people etc., for improved energy vibrations.  The symbol is also used to increase communicative powers and intuition.

  • The Sending symbol – like an IDD number, this symbol allows Reiki to be sent to different energy fields including other locations (both geographical and time), other energy incidents, internal blocks or emotional energy systems etc.  This is a very powerful source of personal growth as the practitioner can directly tune into issues and fix them on the causal plane.



  • Introduction to the Reiki Symbols

  • Level 2 Attunement

  • Practical uses of each symbol with self treatments

  • Distance healing techniques for people, incidents and issues

  • Group sharing and practice with the symbols

  • Deepening your understanding of energy work & healing

  • Refresher of Reiki 1treatments

  • Traditional Reiki meditation

  • Grounding exercises

  • Ongoing support post workshop & Reiki Shares

  • Enhancing the benefits of your Reiki (Priceless!)

Fee: INR 15,900/-*

includes Level 2 manual and Certificate and TWO 45 minute personal support/coaching sessions, post workshop.

Usui Reiki Masters (Level 3)

We often describe Reiki Level 3 as the most shifting class you can take, the “mother of all workshops”!  It is designed specifically for those who may not want to teach Reiki, but who are interested enough to take Reiki to its final level, i.e. learning how to do an attunement, and to receive the Master’s symbol.

The Master’s symbol is also known as the symbol for transformation and is a very powerful tool for personal growth.  Most people experience huge shifts of consciousness after the class.  It allows you to truly step into the mysteries of Reiki, and although it may not necessarily explain the attunement to you, it will certainly give you an incredible experience of it.  Essentially it is about letting go, trusting, and most importantly, self-belief.

As well as preparing you for the rest of the Master training, this module works on raising your energy vibration, understanding your own power through developing your intuition, as well as becoming familiar with the attunement process and how to best utilise the Master’s symbol.  This is an ideal workshop for those wishing to advance their Reiki learning but who are not planning to teach Reiki at this point.  Upon completion, students will be given a Reiki Level 3 certificate which signifies their ability to give a Heart attunement.

It takes place over a 15 – 18 hour weekend workshop.



  • Master’s symbol and uses

  • Heart attunement

  • Using the Master’s symbol in sending and healing

  • Professional Healing and moving into Master energy

  • Self care techniques & managing the energy expansion

  • Refresher of Level 1 and 2 treatments, symbols and practices

  • Ongoing support post workshop & Reiki Shares



  1. You must have done Reiki level 2 with a Reiki Centre trained Reiki Master.

  2. You must have completed Level 2 at least previously.

  3. You must have completed the set homework preparing you energetically to step into Reiki 3.


Please note Reiki Level 3 is about transformation – it can be extremely challenging for those who have not mastered the Reiki Level 2 techniques. The homework is specifically designed to help you get ready, please do not underestimate the energy shift at this level.


Fee:  INR 21,900/-*

includes Level 3 manual & Certificate and THREE 45 minute personal support/coaching sessions, post workshop.

* Prices only valid for the Indian market

Thank you for your interest.
For enquiries, workshop requests or bookings, please fill in and send me the details in the box, I will get in touch at the earliest.
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