Sari M: Reiki Level 3

“I have known Meghna in her capacity as my Reiki Teacher for over a year now. During this time, I have also been able to get to know her more as a person too. I was drawn to Meghna's courses because of her humanity, openness, and willingness to explore. I love her spiritedness and warm approach to Reiki and to Reiki-learners.


It has been absolutely wonderful to be taught by a person whom you can trust and who responds to your inquiries and is present. It is because of all this enthusiasm that I got back to Reiki and was willing to explore it further. 

Thanks to Meghna, Reiki has now reclaimed its space in my life.”

Elaine Yang: Reiki Master Teacher

Founder Reiki Glow SG|Affiliated to the Reiki Centre SG

"An affiliate teacher of the Reiki Centre Singapore, Meghna Kamath’s approach to teaching Reiki is grounded and experiential. She gives the students ample time and space to explore their new-found skill in the workshop, while ensuring they are guided and supported throughout, and continues to be available to her students after the workshop, for their continued learning.

Her vast knowledge in Reiki, coupled with a compassionate nature and personable demeanour, makes her an excellent choice as a Reiki teacher."

Sukrita Sethi: Reiki Level 1

"I did my first level of Reiki with Meghna and found her to be an incredibly patient and well-grounded teacher. Her focus is on holistic healing and well-being to bring about genuine transformation rather than just dousing current fires. She manages the class dynamics very well and makes each participant feel welcomed and valued. I look forward to doing the next level with Meghna"

Megha Gupta: Reiki Level 1

"I had been wanting to learn Reiki since a long time and then I came across Meghna and it was truly the most wonderful experience. The way she conducts the class is amazing and the best part is she allows every participant the space to be heard and go with the flow! Honestly a life changing experience and it has really calmed my nerves ... thanks Meghna!"

Deeksha Marur: Space Healing Client & Reiki Level 1

“Meghna’s entry into my life happened many moons ago socially, and cut to 2018, I found her account on Instagram, Reiki Ijus and kept following her updates. I emailed her about wanting to do the Reiki Level 1 and if I remember correctly, we would have exchanged emails all through the second half of the year trying to find a date that matched my timing. I’m realising now that was not the time for either of us to meet. 

A few months into 2019, my family and I decided we wanted to sell our current house and move to a quieter location. No matter how much we told people to help spread the word about the sale of our house and kept praying, there would always be something stopping the process from happening. Interested people would come to see the house, say they'd get back to us and boom… nothing after that.


This was the cycle until I approached Meghna in June asking her if we can give Reiki to the house or to the process of selling it. She did a detailed consultation and then after talking to my family, we decided to go with the recommended 3 healing sessions, for sending Harmony to the House, to ease the process and smooth outcome. 


She gave a little prayer for the family to chant, and with her ability to channelise Universal energy, as well as find places in the houses that needed a little more TLC and shaking up of stagnant energy.. our house found it's perfect next owner. We’re now in mid-September and we have signed the deal of not only selling our house but have found a plot where we want to build our dream home as well as a place to rent all in the same colony. 


Thanks to Meghna and Reiki we’ve managed to find the perfect buyers, our perfect house as well as land to build on..all things aligned for us in the perfect and right timing.”

Ayra Sahney: Reiki Client and Participant of Children's Reiki Workshop (11 years old)

"During my winter holidays, Meghna Maasi taught me how to do Reiki. She did Reiki on me too, since then I have been taking Reiki sessions from her. When she puts her hands on me I feel like I have nothing on my mind, I feel relaxed, peaceful and fresh. When I do the Reiki she taught me I feel relaxed and really happy that I got an opportunity to learn Reiki from a really good, fun and awesome Reiki teacher."


Nikita Verma Sahney: Reiki Client


"I have been fortunate to spend many hours discussing Reiki with Meghna since her return from Singapore. Her knowledge and clarity on the subject amazes me. She is very passionate about introducing Reiki to others and helping them to experience the benefits of this healing energy.

Many members of my family and I have taken sessions of hands on healing from her. She spends time to understand any mental, emotional or physical issues a person is going through. She Plans the treatment and goes with the flow based on the insights she gets during the session. I requested her to send distance healing to a close family friend during a surgery and afterwards during recuperation. The family friend described experiencing settlement of anxiety and fear. And increase in a sense of peace and calm.


Last year - I fell really sick with a viral that wasn't subsiding. I requested Meghna for a hands on treatment and was much better the next day. Thank you Meghna for all that you do for my family and me!! We hope that you are able to introduce many more people to this wonderful world of Reiki. We love you so much!"

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