Space Healing

Image by Aviv Rachmadian

We all sense that different places have different atmospheres - some good, and some not so good. Everything that happens affects the energy in the space around us.

We all know what it's like to walk into a room where there has been an argument - that feeling of "you could cut the air with a knife". Over time, stuck, stagnant energy builds up and can make us feel stuck too, creating all kinds of issues for the inhabitants.

A Space Healing session is very effective in shifting

these stuck energies.


Space Healing is also very useful if you have moved into a new home, but feel as if you don't quite belong there; if you want to move, but can't find a buyer, or can't find a the right property for yourself; if you feel you are stuck in your life and want to move on;

if you are experiencing relationship difficulties etc.

  • Space Healing uses Reiki and other transformational holistic techniques to shift stuck energy and create a bright, healing atmosphere in homes and workplaces.

  • A Space Healing consultation will help to enhance your relationships, bring support and abundance to everything you do, and give you the opportunity to create the life you really want for yourself.

  • Space Healing puts the heart back into your home

The duration of the in person Space healing session depends on the size of the space and will include consultation

before and after.


I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions to support

the peaceful and harmonious energy shift.

A Space Healing session can also be scheduled

in the form of Distance or Virtual Healing sessions.

Energy Exchange: INR 3300/- per hour

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