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“To serve the world out of the dynamic union of wisdom and compassion would be to participate most effectively in the preservation of the planet. Masters of all the religious traditions on earth now understand that spiritual training is essential not solely for monks and nuns but for all people, whatever their faith or way of life. The nature of spiritual development is intensely practical, active, and effective. The danger we are all in together makes it essential now that we no longer think of spiritual development as a luxury but as a necessity for survival.”

~Sogyal Rinpoche

Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy or Universal Energy – Rei denotes the Universal Life Force and Ki denotes Energy.


Universal Energy is energy at its purest, it’s what our cells use to do their work, repair or grow. It is the vital energy present throughout the universe. When we are full of universal energy, we flow and move easily with life, it’s like watching children or animals at play – they are in the flow of universal energy and as a result, they have an abundance of it. Children can play nonstop for hours. They flow naturally, just like we did when we were young.


But over time, we become crusty. We build energy blocks and resistances in the body – some of these may be physical, such as structural issue, aches and ailments, some are mental, such as beliefs and fears, that we innately know are not serving us but we still develop them as we grow older. And some blocks could be emotional – such as unreleased anger, sadness or trauma, that we may have encountered through life. All of these build energy blocks inside us which manifest physically, mentally and/or emotionally.


Through these blocks and resistances, we restrict the flow of universal energy and we have less access to life force. I hope at some intuitive level, all of you understand, and in my experience, people usually know they are experiencing some form of loss or deficit as life goes on – this could be a loss of vitality, joy, abundance, whatever you may call it.


Reiki works beautifully as an energy therapy – giving us access to universal life force energy. It works with the body’s own innate healing capabilities to accelerate the natural healing process and restore balance at all levels –

physical, mental and emotional.

It is pure, radiant energy that can meet you wherever you are on your healing journey. It can nourish all the vital functions of the body, transform thought patterns, cleanse environmental toxins and other stagnant energy, and transport you to a deep inner place of peace and healing.

From the traditional teachings of Dr. Usui (the Father of Reiki), Reiki also means “Spiritual Energy”, our own innate brightness, our true nature, our basic essence.

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