Usui Reiki Level 3 (Masters)
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We often describe Usui Reiki Level 3 as the most shifting class you can take, the “mother of all workshops”! 
It is designed specifically for those who may not want to teach Reiki, but who are interested enough to
take Reiki to its final level, i.e. learning how to do an attunement, and to receive the Master’s symbol.


The Master’s symbol is also known as the symbol for transformation and is a very powerful tool
for personal growth.  Most people experience huge shifts of consciousness after the class.  It allows you
to truly step into the mysteries of Reiki, and although it may not necessarily explain the attunement to you,
it will certainly give you an incredible experience of it.  Essentially it is about letting go, trusting, and
most importantly, self-belief.

As well as preparing you for the rest of the Master training, this module works on raising your energy
vibration, understanding your own power through developing your intuition, as well as becoming familiar
with the attunement process and how to best utilise the Master’s symbol.  This is an ideal workshop for
those wishing to advance their Reiki learning but who are not planning to teach Reiki at this point. 
Upon completion, students will be given a Reiki Level 3 certificate which signifies their ability to
give a Heart attunement.

It takes place over a 15 – 18 hour weekend workshop or split into smaller sessions over a week/month.


  • Master’s symbol and uses

  • Heart attunement

  • Using the Master’s symbol in sending and healing

  • Professional Healing and moving into Master energy

  • Self care techniques & managing the energy expansion

  • Refresher of Level 1 and 2 treatments, symbols and practices

  • Ongoing support post workshop & Reiki Shares



  1. You must have done Reiki level 2 with a Reiki Centre trained Reiki Master.

  2. You must have completed Level 2 at least previously.

  3. You must have completed the set homework preparing you energetically to step into Reiki 3.


Please note Reiki Level 3 is about – it can be extremely challenging for those who have not mastered
the Reiki Level 2 techniques. The homework is specifically designed to help you get ready, please
do not underestimate the energy shift at this level.


Fee:  INR 21,900/-* | USD 490/-** per participant

 The fee includes Level 3 manual & Certificate and three 45 minute personal support/coaching sessions,
post workshop.

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