Personal Healing

A Reiki healing session is tailored to each recipient depending on the issue and their response to it.

It is important to distinguish that the Reiki energy is not the practitioner’s energy, but rather the free flow of universal life force energy to complement the body’s own

innate healing restorative process. 


Reiki complements the body’s own natural healing process,

and what each person receives from a session is very unique

and differs depending on the individual’s openness.

Reiki is experienced in many different ways, and the most common feedback I have received is feeling lighter, more

at peace, enhanced calm and a deeper awareness to triggers, over a period of time.

Healing is a process. In my experience, real and lasting shifts require a steady amount of work, and I highly recommend 6 sessions, to begin with. In this duration, recipients witness ongoing subtle shifts, not only with the issue being worked on, but in other areas of their lives.

Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes, and includes  consultation and counselling.

A personal healing Reiki session can be scheduled as

Hands-on Healing, Distance Healing or as Virtual Sessions (Zoom or Skype).

Energy Exchange: INR 3300/- per session

In Session_1.jpg

Personal healing sessions can also be tailored for a Family

or a Workplace Team.

These sessions aid the collective to heal old patterns of communication breakdowns and negativity; harnessing a

deeper connection with each other and strengthening the

group energy.  The session includes discussion/counselling

before and after, equipping the participants with valuable

tools and techniques to resolve conflict

andimprove communication.


The session includes:

  • Traditional Reiki breathwork and relaxation Meditations to enhance self awareness.

  • Mindful communication and compassion exercises drawn from the original teachings of Dr. Usui

  • Developing an Attitude of Gratitude towards oneself, the family/team.

  • Partner sharing techniques to develop positive communication and harmony.


The duration of each session is 3 hours, and can be offered cumulatively over a period of time or as a standalone session, depending on the need of the group.

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