An avid nature and animal lover, I first experienced Reiki close to 20 years ago, literally by accident, while on a hike in the Himalayas. As they say, there’s been no looking back.

What started off as plain curiosity to learn something 'different’, back in 2004, gradually evolved into one my most essential support tools and favourite wellbeing practice. In the course of the 15 + years of practising Reiki, it is a way of life for me that has held and supported me through many challenging personal and professional periods of my life.

With a background in International Business Development and Marketing, I have lived and worked in some interesting corners of the world. In the course of time, as I was drawn to learning the different levels of Reiki, I went from a rather crazy corporate life to a very Zen corporate life; working through and healing areas in my own life that I sometimes didn’t even realise were dysfunctional. It gave me a much needed ‘soul lift’ as I love to call it. I steadily attracted activities, people and groups that supported my true nature, experiencing oneness, connection and deep grounding.

I have been blessed to learn the different levels of Reiki from different Masters, mirroring my own personal growth and spiritual journey. Completing my very rigorous Master Teacher Training with Elaine Grundy, at the Reiki Centre, Singapore has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Having her as a mentor, and the support of some of my fellow teachers has been a tremendous support in this journey, which led me to start a fresh new chapter moving back home to India in 2016.

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The last  5 years have been transformational, to say the least. My relationship with Reiki has grown by leaps and bounds,

with each new client, student and workshop. I have had opportunities to experience the profound nuances of discovering

one’s inner compass and wisdom (from the original teachings of Dr. Usui), learning to trust the journey every step of the way.

In hindsight, this was to become my most challenging period of personal growth;

of shifting from fear to trust, from struggling to thriving, from anxiety to love; including reconciling losing

both my parents within a short span of time.

The journey has also presented me the opportunity to cultivate a wonderful Community of

Reiki practitioners and learners. My approach to teaching Reiki

is exactly as it has supported me, a life - long support tool for personal growth and vitality encompassing

ongoing learning, practice shares, and mentoring.

As I evolve, I would love to present Reiki in innovative and relevant ways, especially as an evidence based therapy.

There is great research and scientific data available on using Reiki as a complementary therapy, showcasing tremendous

benefits in patients’ and overall wellbeing. I have also loved offering Reiki to our many pets and fosters, really deepening my understanding of energy and healing, through observing their responses.

My work largely revolves around helping people create more peaceful and wholesome lives for themselves,

building an empowered community, across age groups, of people taking their health and

wellbeing, literally in their own hands.

My Story

Meghna Kamath

Reiki Master Teacher

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