Reiki Master Teachers-Class of 2015
Newly Minted Reiki Masters
Reiki Self Treatment
Group Full Body Reiki Treatment
Reiki 1 Certification
Introduction to Reiki - 1st sharing
Parent & Child Reiki Workshop
Children's Reiki Workshop
Joshin Kokyo Ho Reiki Meditation
Reiki Level 3 (Masters) Attunement
Reiki Level 1 share
Level 2 Certification
All smiles - Level 1 Certification
Set up for the Meditation Circle
Introduction to Reiki workshop
Level 1 Workshop Sharing
Reiki BBQ - All hands on one
Reiki Healing Session
Children's Reiki Workshop
Reiki Kanji
Reiki Partner Sharing
Reiki BBQ - All hands on one
Intuitive Reiki Healing
Guided Reiki Meditation
Wellness Festival Reps
Level 1 Workshop Reiki share
Beaming Reiki to the world
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Trained & Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher

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Level 2 Certification