About Reiki

Reiki, is an energy therapy, originating from Japan.  Literally translated from Japanese, Reiki means ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ or ‘Universal Energy – Rei meaning Universal and Ki being energy. It is energy at its purest.

Reiki is universally accepted, taught and shared as a complementary therapy, aiding the body’s own remarkable healing capabilities wonderfully. It promotes and accelerate the natural healing process and restores balance on all levels - physical, mental and emotional. As an energy therapy, it supports any medical conditions, mental-emotional trauma, and is a wonderful self- healing tool.


Reiki has evolved tremendously from its original Japanese roots, becoming one of the most accepted complementary therapies globally. It has been interpreted in many ways, and there are many different explanations about Reiki. From my experience with Reiki over the last 15+ years, it is an experiential therapy foremost, something that I encourage everyone to experience for themselves, before coming to any conclusions.

​​From the traditional teachings of Dr. Usui (the father of Reiki), another perspective is that Reiki also means “Spiritual Energy, our own innate brightness, our true nature, our basic essence.

”This innate brightness, with time, gets covered up with layers of worry, fear, anger etc, so much so that we cannot see our own innate brightness anymore. This covering up results in us not remembering our connection with who we are, in our truest nature, and with the world we live in, we quickly get angry or have worries, are fearful, unhappy, distracted and unloving.

Nevertheless, even with our innate brightness concealed, our true nature continues to shine. Think of it as a light bulb that is covered by a lampshade, no matter how many lampshades you place over the bulb, the light continues to shine beneath, it’s just that we can’t see it clearly.” ~ Frans Steine

It is these layers of worry, fear, anger etc. that the system of Reiki helps remove. The more layers we remove, the more our innate brightness can shine through. Reiki practitioners, all over the world, report leading more balanced, centred and grounded lives and benefit from it as a complete holistic healing system.

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